Customs Commission

  • Customs clearance Import / Export

  • Daily regulatory monitoring

  • Temporary or definitive customs procedures 

  • Control of phytosanitary and sanitary regulations

  • Special agreements on sensitive traffics


Transit commission

Our network of independent agents allows us to ensure the carriage of your goods from one point to the final destination.

  • Import / Export

  • Land, sea and air

  • Tracking and tracing

  • Transport thanks to our trucks/vehicles or by chartering



The CNM Group have transit agents who organize the connection between the various transport modes.

Our experts undertake to perform administrative operations related to transport.

AEO logo
AEO logo
  • 50 000m² bonded dry warehouse

  • 20 000 m3 bonded temperature- controlled warehouse

  • Alcohol certificates

  • Safety certificates 

  • AEO : Customs simplifications , security and safety