Special concoy

Special concoy

Special convoy of the Thursday, February 19th 2015


Wednesday, 18th february, VINC, CNMT special convoy driver, has completed a training course on the low-loaders trailers Faymonville. His instructor learned him to extend the semi-trailer, separate platform and put the semi-trailer in line.



 « First time handling this semi-trailers, you lose point of reference that had been with other loaders.It took me a few kilometers to driving correctly »

Itinéraire du convoi exceptionnel

The next day, VINC arrived in the commune of Wood Chapel in the 72 to charge 2 cases.

  • The first: 378x328x328cm for 6,5 tonnes.
  • Second : 378x228x258cm for 5,5 tonnes.

Arrival to 7h45 for a start to 11h00.

On site: a crane and a pilot car to accompany the convoy.

  « This was the second time I was in category 2 and loved it. I had some chills when narrow passages and crossings with cars and other heavy weight, but that's our job, and it's a passion. »

Convoi exceptionnel MAN CNMT transports sandouville le havre

Driver’s mission ended with the arrival to the Port of Le Havre


Thanks to VINC for sharing his experience.



Some pictures of the day ;

Remorque CNMT convoi exceptionnel

Chargement convoi exceptionnel chapelle du bois

Chargement sur la remorque extra-surbaissée Faymonville

Colis lourds convoi exceptionnel

Voiture pilote convoi exceptionnel CNMT le havre sandouville transport

Published on February 20 2015