Potting of Serge GIRARD's boat

Potting of Serge GIRARD's boat


Wednesday, January 14 2015

The CNMT has received and stowed the Serge Girard's row-boat . Direction the ile de la Reunion for the Middleton.

It was in March 2015 that the high-level athlete, passionate and exciting, will push his limits.


 The "Run and Row Tour" is about cross the 3 oceans with rowing boat and run across 3 continents with only human power without using sails, motor during approximately 2 years. It will be a world first. 


 Serge Girard

To discover his full plan and follow his journey, visit his websitewww.sergegirard.org




Boat Potting Serge Girard

Watch the video on Youtube:  Stuffing Serge GIRARD's Middleton - 14.01.2015 - has refound on his website

Published on January 15 2015